Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day Six

Bad sleep.  Too much thinking.  Thinking about all the complications that this brings up.  Is everyone like this?  Is this a world of immortals?  If so, what does that mean?  Is that why everyone is so indifferent about the invading forces?  Is this all just a never-ending game to them?

Well, I suppose I should be grateful, because it sounds like the primary scuffling is wrapping up.  McBride assigned me to kill Kurtok the Slayer, whose supposed to be leading this battle.  I'll never understand this world.  Why send a healer out on a Saint Sitog mission? (St. Sitog = Stick the Sword in the Other Guy)  Is there no one else better suited?  Is everyone else busy or something?  Jeez.

Before I headed out, I explored a little bit more of camp.  I met Dermot Johns, the blacksmith for the abbey.  He didn't have much I could use or afford.  The rewards they've been giving me for completing tasks have been more than satisfactory in that regard.

Also, I met someone a man named Zurix on the road.  He said he was from a group called the "Twinblade Bandits".  They said they were a bandit army, which gave me pause.  I asked him if he meant an army of bandits, or an army fighting bandits, while I got ready to run.  He said the former.  For some reason, I didn't run.  Maybe because I was still within the eyesight of McBride and his company.  But what kind of world is this where bandits form their own army?  And roam free right in front of a church.

Fortunately, he clarified that they were more selective in their targets, specifically the Horde.  I still have to figure out what kind of races are part of the Horde, so that I don't end up on the wrong side of a blade.  And that they were kind of a "local defense for the forest".  Not to mention he wanted me to join them.  Me, a bandit?  Seriously?  I politely declined, mostly for the fact that I've not even been in the world for a week.  He seemed quite friendly though.  You know, for a bandit.

I told him I wouldn't feel right abandoning the invasion.  He said they had everything well-in-hand, but A) of course he'd say that B) I have an overdeveloped sense of moral responsibility.  Sometimes, I think I am meant to be a healer.

--Caden Watkins

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