Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day Four

Bad night's sleep.  Feeling terrible.  I wonder how much longer I have to stay here, but I really don't know when I could leave.  I'd feel bad about leaving before the invasion is fully contained, and I don't have much money, or much knowledge about the land.  I guess I keep staying here until I feel ready to move on.

McBride told me to meet Willem behind the abbey.  He'd set up a small post with a wagon or two, and the dude had the fanciest armor I'd ever seen.  Giant gold shoulder pads with wings, like eagles perched on his shoulders.  Guy's not one for subtlety.

Willem the Fancy

He told me about some goblin assassins the orcs had hired.  And, of course, wanted me to take out as many as I could.  They were like miniature orcs.  A little more skilled, but still fodder as my skills have been growing.  After I killed eight of them, he sent me back to McBride who, with no hesitation, sent me over to the vineyard.  Finally, I thought.  The thing's only been burning for three days straight.  It's like a mini-war zone over there.

Goblin assassin

For some reason, McBride told me he wanted eight orc weapons, just to prove I had done my duty.  I have no idea where this sudden mistrust came from.  Did he think I was lying about the slaughter I was racking up?  I had plenty of witnesses.  Did he think I was ducking back behind the tree for a smoke of sicar and coming back saying "oh, yeah, got them all, no problem."  Come evening, I trudged back across the river with eight heavy swords on my back.  A volunteer's work is never done, I suppose.  I'm looking forward to the reinforcements, if they ever come.

Before I went back into my spot of the common room (giving McBride the stinkeye), I noticed a woman crying near the entrance, looking longingly across the river.  Scuttlebutt in the commons told me she was the owner of the vineyards, now up in smoke.  I felt like I should've gone out to talk to her, I felt bad that I was being ordered to quell all this mischief, I forgot real people were being affect.  But I was too exhausted to continue.

--Caden Watkins

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