Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day Eighteen

I was learning a new spell today (Flash Heal -- at least now I've finally got a proper hælmancer spell, except that all I can do is heal myself, not others, which makes it largely useless), when I got a message from the local defense that Goldshire was under attack.  I wasn't sure what to do, least of all how I got the message.  I was just about ready to finally look into the Fargodeep mine (what has it been, more than a week?), but I figured that since I was an acting deputy, I better get down there.  Probably a bigger priority than looking for rat-men.

I ran my ass off to get there, but of course, as soon as I made it, nothing was happening.  Actually, that's not true.  I ran into a duel, but thought it was something happening.  An orc vs some human mage were twirling around each other.  I thought it was an invasion like in Northshire, and I tried to help, but I couldn't target the right one fast enough.  I tried calling for help but no one responded, and then the fight was over.

And I ran into Goldshire and nothing was happening. There was even a squadron of troops marching horses through the town.  And now I've figured out why no one's responding to me, but villagers with odd requests.  I don't think anyone can hear me.

I think there's two types of people here.  Citizens of the village who are almost like mechanical men, and real people.  And those with strong magic power.  Those were the ones in Stormwind with giant beasts and armor that could pound through a mountain.  I was shouting and no one could hear me.  Maybe they can only hear those at their level of power.  Maybe they've evolved to a point of being god-like, and I am like a peon.  Maybe I'm like an ant to them, but they share the world with me, so their forced to tolerate my presence.  Like mosquitoes buzzing in the ear.  Maybe that's what mosquitoes are to me.  This is quite the mind-blower.

I guess I wouldn't listen to anyone either if I was riding an undead armored gryphon skeleton

Anyway, after I ran back to Goldshire for nothing, I ran back to Fargodeep mine for nothing.  Yeah, after all this build-up for exploring the mine, I went in two caverns, decided that "yup, there's kobolds here".  Of course, I could have done that a fortnight ago, because there were kobolds crawling all over the entrance, scattered in-between the farms I kept running between fixing all their petty problems, in the bathtub, jumping out of Gramma Stonefield's blouse.  Yeah, pretty sure I see the kobolds.

And Dughan looks at me and goes "Hmph, interesting... maybe we ought to go look at Jasperlode Mine.  Which is even farther away.  And by we I mean you."

I hate this place.

--Caden Watkins

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