Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day Eleven

Kicked awake by some Stormwind guards.  I used to admire those guys at Northshire Abbey.  Now, let 'em burn in the vineyards for all I care.

Okay, that's not fair, but still.  I hate this city.

My breakfast was some bread I bought from a wandering baker in Goldshire, turned stiff and tasteless.  And what kind of profession is "wandering bread seller" anyway?  After this morning, I decided the only way to find the winery was the same way I learned to navigate a maze.  Put your left hand on the wall and start walking.

I traveled around Cathedral Square, found the Command Center, explored lots of canals.  And then I found a sign with grapes on it.  Hot damn, I thought.  Then I went in and... it was a different place.  A wine bar called the Shady Lady.  Took all my restraint not to go apeshit on the place.  Made me wish I was a mage, set the place on fire.  Would have gone up quick from all the fumes from the winos.

Then finally, FINALLY found the Gallina Winery.  I shoved the ticket in her face, and she gave me a small bottle of pinot noir.  I wanted to take it into a back alley and drink it all, but I figured I still had to deliver the armor back to Argus.  Wouldn't do much for my reputation if I came back smelling of alcohol.

On my way back to the aerie, I passed two Stormwind guards.  That wouldn't bother me but one was sitting on a horse.  She was selling Stormwind Tabards, which seemed weird to me.  It was like "there's merchandising for the city?"  Like gift shops in tourism places.  I shook my head no.  Last thing I want is to be reminded of this place.  Unfortunately, I doubt this will be the last time I'm here.

--Caden Watkins

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