Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day Ten, Part Two - Stormwind

I would be very curious about the history of this city. It's so dense, there are shops everywhere.  Every building is made of the same granite brick, and there are shops upon shops.  But the construction of the city was not as bizarre as their people.

As soon as I landed, a man riding a giant dragon/gryphon thing flew past me.  Just flew past me and no one batted an eye.  There were people on fire dragons, invisible wolves, orbs circling people.  One person rode around on a flying disk.  Birds made out of light.  Knights in giant glowing armor.  Walking pandas.  Mechanical men.  Elves with glowing yellow eyes.  A dwarf with a rotating dish on its head who wouldn't talk to me.  Something called a Blingtron 4000 that was maybe a man in armor, but maybe a robot?  It gave me a package for no reason.  I haven't even opened it yet, I've been too dizzy from what I'm seeing.

This man brought a flying eagle into a bank
I passed by a vendor who gave me a free ticket for some wine if I visited the Gallina Winery.  I thought, sure, I'll take a free bottle of Pinot Noir.  The problem was that I couldn't find anything.  I'm not even sure how I found the armor shop I came here for in the first place.  The city's divided neatly into four or five districts, but how you get anywhere is a mystery.  There are criss-crossing paths, arches, buildings in your way.  I found myself almost walking out of the city a few times.  And I did have a map, but it doesn't tell you anything about routes.  I passed the bank three or four times.

When I went to the winery according to my map, there was an inn -- the Gilded Rose.  And the person inside wouldn't talk about anything but her inn.  Finally, I just started asking random people if they could help me find the Gallina Winery.  There was a huge crowd gathered in the square, looking for people to join their troupes for tasks and missions.  But no one would talk to me.  Not the people looking for groups, or residents.  Two elves, calling themselves Silverwing Emissaries, just stood there and ignored me.  I don't even know what they were emissaries for.  They just stared at me with their spooky yellow eyes.

I tried talking to individuals, people who looked like they'd help me.  No answers.  Just ignored me.  Then I got so angry I just yelled into the crowd.  And again, nothing.  Just people on their giant animals made of energy and lightning, standing there, being closed-mouth dicks.  I kept wandering and wandering and wandering, getting nowhere, going to the same old place.

This is just one district.  There are six.

Now, I'm sitting here under an awning, too tired to go on.  I keep going into the inn, as if I'm expecting it to change into the winery.  At this point I'm so angry at the inn for not being the winery I refuse to stay there.

This is a wolfman on top of a flying bird made from lava and rock 

This town is full of people, but not one will talk to me.  The world is full of people, but not one will give me the time of day.  I should have take Zurix up on his offer.  At least then I'd have a group to turn to, even if I'd have to stay in the forest and rob people.  At least then, I wouldn't be sleeping under the awning of a cheese shop tonight.

--Caden Watkins

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