Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day Twelve - Goldshire

Argus accepted his delivery gracefully, but I had been away so long that I felt I had to avoid Marshal Dughan's gaze.  I kept my head down or snuck around back buildings to avoid him, because I still hadn't even started investigating the Fargodeep mine for Kobolds (still don't know what they are).  There were other things I needed to do first, like basic survival tactics such as learning first aid.

Hard part was finding the one who teaches that sort of thing.  There are people in Goldshire who teach you to fish, to cook, to hunt, to smith weapons, to smith armor, to make jewels, tan leather, engineer things, enchant things, alcheme things (wouldn't that be a trip -- come back knowing as much as my alchemist friend).  But I couldn't find the person who taught it -- she was in the upper floor of the inn.  But I had to search the town, talk to a dozen other trainers, WHILE it was raining.

Then the great thing was all I learned was how to make a linen bandage for the first lesson.  Money well spent -- a trained monkey can make a cloth bandage.

--Caden Watkins

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