Friday, July 26, 2013

Day Thirteen - Southern Elwynn Forest farms

I went through my inventory and realized I have quite a lot of junk.  Well, not junk, but things I've picked up from the few scrabbling animals I've killed.  Shed furs from worgs and the like.  What I'm wondering is what do I do with those.  Is there someone I can sell them to?  I haven't found anyone in Goldshire wanting to accept them yet.  But I could use the money.
A kobold.  They smell as attractive as they look.

I started heading south.  I thought maybe it was time to actually start performing my duties as an acting deputy of Stormwind.  Mostly fields.  Then I headed toward a lake and saw a weird humanoid.  At first I thought he was a lizard man, but then I thought "oh, THIS is a kobold".  They're more like rats or moles.  They look like they're miners, with pick-axes and candles on their heads.  They're ugly enough that no wonder Dughan needed someone to come investigate.  They'd all run away.

Well, these ones don't run away.  In fact, they're quite happy to come up to you and start swinging.  They're not pushovers like the Blackrock clan orcs or goblins.  Must be hearty from all that mining.  And fire-resistant if they've got candles on their heads.  Then I wandered on one's den, up on a hill.  He was cooking and counting out gold... bottles or something.  And he jumped on me.  Almost would have fallen if I hadn't remembered the new spell I learned.  Instead of a shadow word, this is a power word : shield.

And it is extremely effective.  I didn't feel a thing while the spell was in effect, allowing me to take my time, no matter how many kobolds joined the fight (which one or two did).  As soon as I dispatched Goldtooth and recovered, I went back into the den to see if there were any valuables I missed.  And lo and behold, there was Goldtooth again.  I wish I could say I was surprised, but I wasn't.  I'm getting too accustomed to this waterwheel afterlife.  I hope that if I go back to my own home, I won't accidentally do something stupid, thinking I'm immortal.

The vineyards
Somewhere in this southern area is the Maclure Vineyards.  I was talking to the local vintner when a bear came up and started attacking me.  And he kept on talking!  Damn thing's slashing my face off and he's still jabbering about wine.  I'd say he was sampling his own wares, but doesn't anyone react in this place?  Am I a ghost?

I ran inside the cabin to escape it, thinking I'd be safe, and it followed me in!  It still kept attacking me!  Shouldn't there be safeguards against this sort of thing?  It's not I like baited it in or anything.

--Caden Watkins

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