Monday, July 29, 2013

Day Fourteen

I am my own worst prophecy. Remember how I said my backpacks were filling up? Now it's at the point where I can't even hold a letter.

Staying in the Maclure house, I met Maybell Maclure. She wanted me to deliver a letter to Tommy Joe Stonefield of the rival Stonefield farm whom she's fallen in love with (ah, young love). I said sure, why not, I'm just the errand boy to the world. Don't make no never mind to me.

But I couldn't even keep the letter. It kept falling off the barrels of apples and pork meat in there. So I sheepishly had to say "Guess I better sell some of this off. Just one second." But I have no idea how to find a vendor who would buy things from me, not just sell things. It's not like they have a separate line for each.

In the meantime, while I was looking for some help I somehow got roped into doing more tasks for Dughan. He didn't even ask about Fargodeep mine. (By the way, this was after another citizen told me to talk to Dughan, like I'm a messenger boy too). He just wanted me to wander off west to a bridge to ask some more guards about more monsters in the area. But this time he offered up his Stormwind charger. Before I could ask what a charger was, he'd set me on it (it was a horse) and I was zipping off.

At the bridge, I asked some questions of the guards and got even MORE tasks on my plate -- go find an arsonist/murderer, protect the forest from bears and wolves, fetch some murloc fins, find some lost guards. I politely told them, much as I wanted to do all this, I still had some lingering tasks back in the Elwynn forest. Except that the horse that brought me here (and it was a long way, and I've been doing a lot of walking lately) was no where to be found.

Then I remembered I had the hearthstone from the Lion's Pride Inn. Farley said it could bring me back any time I wanted, so I started rubbing it, looking ridiculous. But it worked.

--Caden Watkins

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