Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day Fifteen

When I got to the Lion's Pride Inn, there was a "dwarf"/"little person" next to Farley, named Moniq.  I didn't want to say anything, but it sure looked like they were in a relationship.  And I didn't ask questions, but my mind goes to places like 'how do they kiss?' 'does he have to reach everything on the shelves'?  I blame my alchemist friend for this system of thinking.

Back to the farms.  After talking to Julia Stevens, who is a pet trainer in snakes ("Do you like my snakes?  I get the feeling they don't like you!"  Creepy.) I got the letter from Maybell (I finally figured out the protocol for selling things back to vendors) and walked to Stonefield farm.  Then Tommy Joe wanted me to talk to "Gramma" Stonefield.

Then "Gramma" wanted me to talk to a guy back at the inn.  Then the guy at the inn wanted me to get some kelp so he could make an invisibility potion so the young lovers could sneak out.  And who keeps kelp?  Murlocs.  Also not pushovers.

Oh, and here's some fascinating news about magic that no one told me.  Magic can't be cast without a  wand.  So I had this billy club I'd picked up in the forest, and was hoping it would make a better weapon and I sold my "long lost" wand.  But apparently I need it to do anything.  So I got into a nice desperate situation when whatever I tried failed miserably.

I got the kelp, got the potion, gave it to Maybell and she disappeared.  Couldn't have happened to a finer farm girl.   I can't wait to meet their seventeen lyre-pickin' babies.

--Caden Watkins

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