Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day Sixteen

Ma Stonefield got me up this morning and told me she needed "Princess" killed. It took me ten minutes trying to figure out what she was talking about. I feel like I'd heard her name before. I think someone near Westfall made some mention for her. Was that one of the crimes that serial killer Clark was guilty of?

Anyway, there was no difficulty finding Princess. The boar was as big as me, and had a big old pink ribbon on its front haunch. Ma wanted me to bring her brass collar back as proof, but I thought maybe I should take her back to the Brackwells, they must miss her. But then I thought, well, its probably going to come back to life anyway. What's the point? So I killed it swiftly, brought the collar back, and Ma gave me some farmer boots. Yay.

I should mention that yesterday, on my way to Crystal Lake (I seem to remember reading a story or a comic roll in my world about The Killer of Crystal Lake -- should I be worried?) I got attacked by murlocs. I'd say I was in over my head but water puns aren't funny. I even ran past a Stormwind guard who was there for gods knows why, and the maggot wouldn't lift a finger. He just stared into the water. Thanks a lot, jerk.

-Caden Watkins

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